Recording webinar ‘How to kickstart sustainable procurement and supply chain sustainability’


Procurement is quickly becoming the most important driver for sustainability improvements. Why? Because the majority of most companies’ footprint sits in the supply chain, and procurement is the gatekeeper to a company’s suppliers. In fact, CDP recently estimated that 40% of global emissions are directly or indirectly driven by procurement.

However, driving sustainability across a complex supply chain that spans thousands of actors is overwhelming. Sustainability in itself spans multiple concepts from emissions to biodiversity and child labor. Gathering information to assess, implement and track improvements across your supply chain can keep an army of data scientists, sustainability experts and consultants entertained for years.

Meanwhile the need is becoming increasingly urgent. Regulation for environmental and human rights due diligence in the supply chain was launched in Germany this year and is on the way in the EU and the US. Consumers and corporate customers are pushing and sustainability accreditors are requiring it. Finally, corporations are setting time sensitive targets to reduce their scope 3 emissions within the next decade, and procurement needs to deliver.

In this webinar, Thomas Buch Andersson, CEO and founder of Responsibly, a leading sustainable procurement technology start-up and the winner of SCM’s 2022 start-up competition, offered practical advice and insights on how to kickstart the sustainable procurement journey, including:

• What’s happening in sustainable procurement right now and what to monitor in your supply chain
• How to measure sustainability and solutions to the data problem
• What sustainable procurement looks like and how to take action

Responsibly is already powering leading brands in multiple industries to monitor, manage and drive improvements to sustainability in the supply chain across the ESG spectrum.

Missed the webinar about sustainable procurement and supply chain sustainability?

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Slide deck How to kickstart sustainable procurement and supply chain sustainability