Recording webinar ‘The road to Decarbonization’


How to make transportation sustainable, quickly? Most of a company’s emissions are supply chain related. On average, 70% of a company’s Scope 3 emissions come from their supply chain. This accounts for 60% of a company’s total emissions and most supply chain emissions data is either inaccessible, inaccurate or both. Project44 and GLEC-accredited emissions management software company Tracks have joined forces to change this. 

Many calculations methods, widely accepted as industry standards, are based on estimates and averaged data. These calculations are far from accurate and overestimated by as much as 400%. Additionally, most companies focus on the 10% of Scope 1 emissions they can easily measure, like ex. facilities, electricity but they are unable to get accurate information for the other 90% of Scope 3 emissions like freight transport, purchased goods, business travel, waste.

In this webinar Tracks founder and CEO Jakob Muus, and Christian Piller, VP of Sustainability and Research at Project44, explained:

  • how companies will use accessible and accurate data to reduce emissions across a company’s transportation network,
  • why visibility and automated reporting are crucial in this process and
  • how the use of AI and digital twinning methodology provides decision makers with actionable insights to ultimately make real efficiency improvements.

The combined market-leading technologies of Project44 and Tracks are already empowering customers to get accessible and accurate data to measure and reduce their Scope 3 emissions across their whole transportation activities.

Missed the webinar?

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.