Lidl achieves 40% reduction in logistics-related carbon emissions


Lidl has become the first supermarket in the Netherlands to receive a 3-star Lean & Green rating for reducing CO₂ emissions in its logistics operations. Over the past seven years, Lidl’s carbon emissions have decreased by more than 40%.

Ruud Metten (pictured, second from right), Manager of Logistics Procurement & Innovations at Lidl, is proud of securing the third Lean & Green star. “We see this as recognition of the steps we have taken together with our carriers as we continue to make our company even more sustainable,” Metten comments.

Lean & Green is a carbon reduction programme for shippers and logistics companies alike. “It’s fantastic that Lidl has become the first supermarket in the Netherlands to achieve this milestone,” states Lean & Green’s Jan van Nunen (pictured, second from left). “The certification process ran very smoothly, because Lidl Netherlands monitors the trip and fuel data very accurately. This proves that you can come a long way in the sustainability arena armed with insights, good initiatives and the right management information.”

Electrifying the fleet

In partnership with its carriers, Lidl has been committed to sustainable transport for many years. Over the past seven years, the supermarket chain has managed to reduce CO₂ emissions per tonne of transported weight by more than 40%, including thanks to electrifying the fleet and increasing the number of trucks running on bio-LNG.

Another measure that contributed to Lidl’s three-star rating is the new planning system, which supports even more efficient scheduling of trucks at the highest possible load factor. Empty kilometres are avoided because, on its return journey, the truck takes the store’s entire residual flows for recycling.

Gas-free distribution centre in Almere

Just last year, Lidl received a 5-star BREAAM Outstanding label when it opened its new and completely gas-free distribution centre (DC) in Almere, following in the footsteps of its DCs in Oosterhout and Waddinxveen. The Almere DC supplies Lidl stores in North Holland and Flevoland. For a number of stores, including the most sustainable Lidl store in Almere Oosterwold, the delivery vehicles are powered by electricity. The Almere DC is also equipped with its own fast charging station for electric trucks.

The retailer plans to further improve the sustainability of its transport activities in the coming years by deploying even more electric vehicles and using fossil-free fuels such as bio-LNG.