Cloud-based control tower

control tower

Tesisquare Platform 6.0 has been enriched with a Tesi Control Tower. This cloud-based platform facilitates communication and integration between manufacturers, logistics service providers, carriers and customers, resulting in an online data-sharing community. The software manages the collaborative process, monitors the distribution of goods and ensures information is exchanged transparently between all supply chain partners.

The cloud-based platform improves the real-time collaboration within complex, heterogeneous, international networks. It is based on a shared data model for partners, such as multinationals who are striving to achieve data-driven decision-making in their supply chain processes. The cloud platform gives them one-click access to information, details and operational data.

Tesi Control Tower is a flexible system that is able to orchestrate and manage both upstream (inbound) and downstream (outbound) processes and supports operative decisions allowing the rapid identification of critical problems, anomalies and possible improvements. The software offers a range of tools for working on exceptions, comparisons and benchmarks. The information can be consulted through dashboards, maps and graphs that visualize problems, incidents and trends. Performance indexes provide customers with insight into the information and enable them to make comparisons between various companies in the market. The platform’s self-service analysis tools allow end users to define for themselves which reports and dashboards are relevant.

The cloud platform has been designed to be scalable and with an open architecture to make it easy to integrate emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning.