Trend vision Transwide: ‘Saving costs by digitalizing’

Trend vision Transwide

A leading global player in the chemical industry wanted to achieve full supply chain visibility as well as automating the workflow. Besides that, the company was keen to improve the performance of the entire transport chain.
Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Transwide & Teleroute (part of Alpega Group), explains how a transport order management platform has helped the chemicals giant to tackle these challenges.

The supply chain starts with the sourcing of raw materials and finishes with delivery to the end customer. “So it’s a long chain,” comments Maquignon. “Moreover, the chain is so complex that it’s impossible to operate efficiently and maintain an overview of the whole process without software.” That is why the market is currently in a phase of accelerated digitalization, according to Maquignon: “Supply chain digitalization is moving extremely rapidly. Transport management software is one of the digital solutions available to organizations looking to automate the entire logistics process.”


All the communication is done online and the customer uses the platform for both inbound and outbound activities. Even ‘difficult’ aspects run smoothly on the platform, adds Maquignon: “All the different business units have very diverse and complex products, but that’s no problem for the transport management platform.” The implementation got underway in 2014 and all seven business units were working with the new software just two years later. “We’re now in the process of connecting our non-European business units to the platform.”

Trend vision Transwide: Saving costs by digitalizing

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