Trend vision EyeOn: ‘No-touch S&OP: The future starts here’

André Vriens

The world is less predictable than it used to be. There is less brand loyalty among consumers, and growing combinations of products, channels and customers are making companies’ product portfolios ever-more complex. According to André Vriens, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant at EyeOn, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to decide how best to act. In this article, he explains what they should do to cope with this changing landscape.

Companies are facing new challenges now that customers can make online comparisons themselves, are less likely to be tied to a single supplier and have a ever-wider range of products to choose from. “Greater transparency means that all kinds of previously successful approaches no longer work. So companies are increasingly asking themselves, ‘How will I earn my money in the future?'” says Vriens. As a result, businesses are feeling the pressure. “Companies need to think carefully about how to ensure they also remain profitable in the longer term – and there’s not always a clear and easy answer.”

Trend vision EyeOn: ‘No-touch S&OP: The future starts here’

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