Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Synfioo


German logistics start-up Synfioo (‘The ETA Experts’), founded in October 2015 by Dr Andreas Meyer and Marian Pufahl, originates from a research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute on efficient logistics transportation. Following three years of research, a pilot collaborative project was set up with logistics service provider Jan de Rijk which resulted in the business idea winning third place in the Business Plan Competition Berlin Brandenburg (BPW).

Synfioo’s mission is to provide all supply chain participants with all the information they need – nothing more, nothing less – making it universally accessible, actionable and focused at the right time. Rather than calculating the estimated time of arrival (ETA) statically, the company monitors the transport process in its entirety in real time.

The Synfioo Process-ETA management platform includes unpredictable external disruptions such as congestion, security checks, strikes and bad weather as well as historical data and machine learning. By alerting transport planners to such real-time disruptions and showing them which shipments they need to concentrate on, the solution improves their efficiency and hence saves time and money.

Inspired by a symphony orchestra

The name Synfioo was inspired by a symphony orchestra in which the conductor brings together many different sounds to produce an integral performance. In a similar way, Synfioo allows the harmonious interaction of information and transportation, supporting trouble-free shipments across modalities for customers.

The solution, which was part of the SAP Startup Accelerator programme in Berlin, recently made it to the finals of the Smart Supply Chain Awards for outstanding supply chain solutions (held as part of the Hypermotion fair in Frankfurt in November 2018) and has now been integrated into the SAP Transportation Management application. This means that alternative routes can be calculated in real time by accessing a wide variety of data sources for weather, traffic and local amenities such as secure truck parking.

Today, Synfioo has 14 employees and has moved to a larger office to accommodate its continuous growth. Funding is undisclosed.