First SAP-certified DDMRP Software

Camelot ITLab, a consulting firm based in Pennsylvania, USA, has developed the first SAP-certified solution for demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP). Called Camelot Lean Suite 4.0, the solution for integrated lean supply chain planning balances the objectives of the key stakeholders – Production, Supply Chain Management and IT – to empower organizations to achieve higher levels of responsiveness, substantial cost savings and increased supply chain agility.

Camelot describes demand-driven lean supply chain planning as a revolutionary approach for dealing with today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (Vuca) challenges in supply chain management. The solution buffers demand variability and uncertainty with a two-sided approach: Demand-Driven Rhythm Wheel-based Production Planning (DDRWP) creating levelled flow and effective use of available capacities, and demand-driven supply and inventory planning enabling organizations to decouple forecast errors and variability from supply order generation.

The benefits of DDMRP include optimized stock buffer placement, decoupled lead times for demand-driven planning, precisely calculated DDMRP buffers and zone values, dynamically altering buffers for planned or anticipated events, DDMRP Net Flow equation including qualification of sales order demand, easy prioritization and supply order generation based on Net Flow status.

Camelot Lean Suite fully meets – and even exceeds – the requirements of the US-based Demand Driven Institute (DDI). Based on SAP technology and fully embedded in SAP SCM, it is currently the only DDMRP-compliant solution available for SAP landscapes. It is also available in the cloud with new Smart Services, and ready for SAP S/4HANA and Integrated Business Planning.

Camelot ITLab Inc. is a leading SAP consultancy for digital value chain management and has more than 20 years of experience in supporting customers during their digital transformation.