Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Stockspots


Founded in 2017 by Coen de Lange and Remko Been, Stockspots connects organizations that need warehousing space and services with organizations that have surplus space and labour availability. From a single platform, users can manage growth, inventory peaks, returns and new-market entry by creating warehouse networks that scale up and down as necessary across Europe. The open platform enables service providers and shippers to easily access and book available storage space, allowing customers to move their physical inventory closer to their end consumers. This in turn enables them to reduce their lead times and accommodate short-term peaks in demand, especially those due to seasonal fluctuations.

The co-founders have a strong drive to make the world more sustainable by making better use of the overcapacity in Europe’s existing warehouses rather than building new warehouses at the expense of the environment. Their ambition is to become the European market leader in on-demand warehousing, and the company already claims to have the biggest network of available warehousing capacity in the Netherlands. Stockspots has strategic partnerships with the likes of Tielbeke, Vos Logistics, Jan de Rijk, Kennis Transport and some 90 others, and around 500 warehouses are already registered with the platform.

Exclusive partnership deal with Montea

Currently employing five people and based on €200,000 of raised capital, for 2018 and 2019 Stockspots is focusing on Europe’s logistics hotspots (the corridor between Antwerp, Rotterdam and Frankfurt) which covers over 70% of the potential. Just this month, Stockspots announced it has signed an exclusive partnership deal with Montea, a market leader in the Belgian logistics property estate sector, paving the way for a highly promising launch in Belgium this year, as well as France in the longer term. A few dozen companies have already indicated that they are looking for temporary storage capacity, and Montea aims to offer a choice of a hundred warehouses with available space by this autumn. Stockspots intends to expand to the UK later, followed by the southern concentration areas around Barcelona and Milan.