Choose an agile approach to make your company more sustainable


A growing number of organizations are realizing that adopting a more sustainable revenue model is not only good for the planet, but also good for business. After all, the extra transparency associated with sustainability makes it easier to manage supply chain risks. At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding ‘green’ products, while on the labour market a sustainable image helps to attract and retain talent. How can supply chain transparency contribute to a company’s CSR objectives? And what tooling is available?

A sustainable business model is becoming a prerequisite for growth in more and more industries – not only due to governments imposing ever-stricter requirements through legislation, but also due to significant changes on the sales side. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly a factor in customers’ buying decisions (although they are not always willing to pay more for it). Some companies have even developed new business models based on the trading of carbon emission rights, with Tesla as the best-known example of this. Tesla is also a prime example of how a single newcomer can disrupt the market so quickly that all existing players are forced to radically change how they think and act.

“Over the coming years, sustainability will no longer be a side topic; it will become the core of your business,” says Audrey Daluz, Supply Chain Transparency Manager at KPMG Sustainability. She firmly believes that if companies do not put sustainability on their strategic agenda, their bottom line will soon suffer the consequences. She is in her element in her current role: “I’ve been working in the tech industry for more than seven years now plus I have supply chain experience. The topic of sustainability is where these two worlds come together. You need technology to create transparency. The supply chain is key when it comes to sustainability… … ….

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