Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Shippeo

Founded in Paris, France, in 2014, Shippeo is a real-time transport visibility platform providing shippers, carriers and logistics providers with instant access to predictive and real-time information about all deliveries. Based on a self-learning, proprietary estimated time of arrival (ETA) algorithm that takes account of multiple parameters such as traffic, unforeseen events, average speed and machine learning of historic times, driver rest stops and loading/unloading patterns, Shippeo allows customers to quickly identify problems and proactively alert end customers before these are impacted. This enables them to leverage transportation to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence.

Shippeo currently tracks more than 40,000 deliveries per month throughout Europe and connects to more than 700 carriers. The firm is also connected to over 50 telematics, transport management and carrier despatch systems.

Following its Series A funding of €10 million in November 2017, bringing its total funding level to €12 million, Shippeo has now reached hyper-growth mode. In December, the firm signed a five-year contract with supermarket giant Intermarché to provide real-time supply chain visibility for the retailer’s 200,000-plus inbound deliveries per year. This partnership allows the retailer to quickly identify and troubleshoot shipment problems at its 30 logistics hubs and accurately measure delivery performance. Shippeo now serves more than 30 market-leading customers including the likes of Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Saint-Gobain and Faurecia.

Expansion into Germany

ShippeoHaving solidly established itself in key European markets such as France, at the end of June this year Shippeo announced its expansion into Germany, supported by the opening of a new office in Düsseldorf and welcoming a director of Central Europe to accelerate the acquisition of larger pan-European customers. In the past three months Shippeo has welcomed more than 20 new employees, bringing the total to over 50, and the firm is planning to double its workforce by the end of 2018.