Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Impargo


Impargo was founded in Berlin, Germany, by Gerhard Hänel and Julian Labeit in 2017. Their vision is to digitalize transport order management, from shipper to dispatcher to driver, and to become the largest autonomous freight matching platform in Europe for road transport.

The focus is on developing technology that increases efficiency for dispatchers and transport managers within freight forwarders and manufacturing companies, and improves the service level for carriers.

Web-based route planning tools such as Google Maps have become widely used commodities among consumers. Impargo believes that this should apply to transport software too, especially for the 85% of all transportation companies that have fewer than 10 trucks (according to the start-up’s own research). Therefore, Impargo has created a standardized, scalable, digital SaaS solution – called CargoApps – for this target group, and it even offers free access to the basic version.

CargoApps platform

The product portfolio available online via the CargoApps platform includes, among other things, a solution for fast and efficient route planning, toll calculation (in cooperation with Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft/SVG), vehicle cost calculation and transport management. Impargo achieved 24,000 registrations in the first 22 months and already has over 200 customers, including more than 3,500 monthly active users spread throughout all 28 EU countries.

The start-up is supported by the state of Brandenburg’s ‘Foundation Innovative’ funding programme.