Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: LoadFox


LoadFox GmbH was jointly founded by MAN Truck & Bus AG and the Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Germany, in 2016. The supply chain start-up’s aim is to address the problem of low profitability caused by inefficient freight allocation and truck capacity utilization.

Existing freight exchanges have not been able to find a solution to this problem, according to LoadFox. Now, however, thanks to a clever algorithm at the heart of this ‘ride-sharing platform for freight’, free truck capacities can be optimally utilized faster and more efficiently than before.

The company describes its automated freight matching algorithm as ‘playing Tetris with road freight’, calculating the ideal solution faster than any dispatcher ever could, which is important in such a fast-paced industry as transportation. The LoadFox algorithm offers a multitude of possible load combinations thanks to the extensive LoadFox network. By becoming the smart tool for dispatchers across Europe, LoadFox offers the necessary support to help small and medium-sized freight forwarders and carriers stay competitive, while also reducing traffic congestion and emissions and increasing profitability.

5,000 users

The company was one of the winners of the Digital.Hub Logistics/Fraunhofer Digital Logistics Awards 2017 and of IHK München und Oberbayern’s “Pack Ma’s Digital” initiative 2018. LoadFox – which is already active in 14 countries in Europe and has medium-term plans to expand to the USA – currently has around 5,000 users and 17 employees.