Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: BuyCo


BuyCo was founded in 2015 in Marseille, France, by Carl Lauron (pictured) in response to the lack of transparency that he saw in the international container shipping market.

The start-up has a unique file-transport communication system that connects every link in the maritime shipping supply chain – from freight forwarders and carriers to shippers, including importers and exporters. It saves them time and money by centralizing, streamlining and simplifying the exchange of information relating to key processes, from searching for the best maritime trades and optimum pricing per carrier to precise container tracking and payment monitoring. The resulting visibility of flows and documents facilitates data analysis as the basis for continuous improvement in the supply chain.

Platform used in 30 countries

BuyCo is particularly aimed at international importers and exporters in the chemical/petrochemical, agri-food, mining, paper/wood, waste and automotive industries shipping at least a thousand TEUs per year. The collaborative online platform has already been used in 30 countries, including China, India and the USA, by more than 50 members, with its customer base featuring the likes of Alpi, Alteo, Eramet, Renault, Saint Gobain and Soufflet. BuyCo currently employs 17 people and has received €2.5 million in equity funding. The former global CEO of DHL Freight Forwarding and an administrator of Amadeus are among the start-up’s shareholders.