Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: BOX ID Systems

BOX ID Systems

BOX ID Systems GmbH was founded in 2018 close to Munich, Germany. The company develops cost-efficient positioning, localization and identification systems for containers, load carriers and other mobile assets, offering complete industrial supply chain visibility across Europe.

The system consists of smart, networked sensors and an intelligent software platform that enables cross-site transparency throughout the supply chain. Customers receive a fully transparent digital image of the real-world logistic flows, including site-to-site, on-premises and indoor buildings. This enables them to obtain new, insightful data in order to automate and optimize the efficiency of their logistics process.

Advantages include automatic, continuous inventory planning and utilization of load carriers, eliminating shrinkage by identifying and tracking misuse, avoiding manual search effort thanks to full transparency of the location of all assets, and process monitoring and analysis to prevent disruptions and failures in the supply and production chain.

Data from LPWAN tracking sensors

The solution is based on the intelligent BOX ID software platform which collects, interprets and integrates data from hundreds of thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors and then aggregates the real-world location and status data directly into the customer’s critical processes and systems. The start-up already has 30-plus satisfied customers in the automotive and industrial sectors.