Roadmap to optimal inventory management

Visual Roadmap The path to optimal inventory management

How can you get your stock levels under control? This roadmap by Supply Chain Media and Slimstock visualizes the obstacles and their solutions on the path to optimal inventory management.

The first stop sign on the road to optimal inventory management is the ‘assortment jungle’, where there are ever-expanding product ranges. To get the traffic light to turn green, and continue the road, you can:

  • Conduct ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Create and assortment index
  • Establish rules for phasing in/out
  • Plan a monthly review to stay on track

Five stop signs in the Roadmap

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Roadmaps Supply Chain Movement

The Roadmaps provided by Supply Chain Movement are visual representations of strategic plans that assist in optimizing supply chain processes. They present a simple way of illustrating how companies can achieve their desired objectives.

A Roadmap aids in:

  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Implementing changes
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing competitive positioning 

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