Roadmap: The path to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Visual Roadmap The Path to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Many organizations have a basic S&OP process in place and now want to take the next step to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) in order to maximize the benefits of the process. Supply Chain Media and Involvation have developed this roadmap showing typical obstacles on the path to IBP and how to overcome them.

The first stop sign on the road to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is ‘Management’, where S&OP only offers information exchange. To get the traffic light to turn green, and continue the road, you can:

  • Focus the IBP process on tactical decision-making
  • Create alignment between IBP managers and line managers
  • Focus on the future and achieving targets rather than looking back
  • Integrate IBP in the operating framework

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Roadmaps Supply Chain Movement

The Roadmaps provided by Supply Chain Movement are visual representations of strategic plans that assist in optimizing supply chain processes. They present a simple way of illustrating how companies can achieve their desired objectives.

A Roadmap aids in:

  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Implementing changes
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing competitive positioning 

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