Roadmap for an end-to-end control tower

Roadmap for and end-to-end control tower

Companies face constant challenges such as increasingly sudden disruptions, changes in customer behaviour and growing competition. They need to gain complete end-to-end visibility across their entire supply chain – from Tier N suppliers to final consumers – to anticipate events in real time and in field-connected mode. In this roadmap, Supply Chain Movement and Tesisquare visualize typical obstacles and solutions along the route to an end-to-end control tower.

The first stop sign on the road to an end-to-end control tower is ‘Poor Visibility’. To get the traffic light to turn green, and continue the road, you can:

• Monitor and track all the deliveries in real time
• Manage anomalies and delays through proactive alerts
• Collect and integrate data coming from internal and external sources at a single point, making them reliably accessible to all users

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Roadmaps Supply Chain Movement

The roadmaps provided by Supply Chain Movement are visual representations of strategic plans that assist in optimizing supply chain processes. They present a simple way of illustrating how companies can achieve their desired objectives.

A roadmap aids in:

• Identifying areas for improvement
• Implementing changes
• Increasing efficiency
• Enhancing competitive positioning

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