Recording webinar ‘S&OP Maturity’


Even 30 or so years after its inception, the S&OP process can be a daunting challenge for supply chain leaders because of its enterprise-wide and cross-functional nature. Despite its importance and published literature on the positive contribution of S&OP to the financial performance of a business, the value of understanding the current state of S&OP maturity is often underestimated.

Whether your business already has an established S&OP process, or you are embarking on a S&OP transformation journey, having a clear understanding of As-Is current state (people, process, collaboration, governance, analytics and technology) and gap vs To-Be desired state in line with industry standard benchmarks is critical.

Supply chains with a mature S&OP process can expect significant benefits, including increased revenue and profitability, optimized working capital and enhanced Return On Assets (ROA).

The webinar addressed the following questions:

• What is the added value of knowing your S&OP maturity levels before you embark on the transformation journey?
• How to measure S&OP maturity using industry standards?
• How to create a smart actionable x-functional roadmap to enhance the maturity?
• What is the role of having a holistic 360 approach to S&OP transformation?

Watch this interactive webinar moderated by Martijn Lofvers, CEO and Chief Trendwatcher of Supply Chain Media, and guest speakers Sandeep Walia, Chief Transformation Officer at Slimstock, and Mike Donnelly, Head of Presales at Slimstock, to understand how you can use S&OP maturity models to add more value to your business through S&OP.

Missed the webinar ‘S&OP Maturity’?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.