Recording webinar ‘End-to-End Transport Management Systems (TMS)’


Transport currently poses challenges for businesses due to factors such as congestion, rising costs, and supply chain disruptions, affecting operational efficiency and competitiveness. These challenges require strategic planning and innovative solutions to mitigate their effects and maintain smooth business operations.

A Transport Management System (TMS) is software that optimizes transportation operations for businesses. It handles order management, order consolidation, route planning, and optimization to find the most cost-effective and efficient routes, taking into account any customer requirements. A TMS also manages relationships with carriers, facilitating rate negotiation and performance monitoring. It executes transportation orders, including load tendering and tracking, providing real-time visibility into shipment status.

A TMS also enables freight bill auditing and self-billing with carriers. Additionally, a TMS generates reports and analytics to aid decision-making and continuous improvement, typically also on CO2. By streamlining processes, a TMS aims to reduce costs, improve customer service, and enhance control over transportation operations. It’s especially valuable for businesses with complex supply chains or high transportation volumes.

With 3 software vendors of end-to-end Transport Management Systems, Martijn Lofvers talks about the main needs they see among their diverse customers, the owners of the goods and the various logistics service providers. Choosing between different modes of transport plays an increasingly important role out of sustainability concerns. But also because of avoiding the Red Sea and the limited usability of the Panama Canal, for example. And linking the various in-house and third-party systems creates challenges; but it also offers new opportunities once in place.

Watch Martijn Lofvers as he talks about these topics with Maurits Jongens (Caroz), Michael Böckle (Alpega Group) and Rob Hazekamp (Oracle) during a live webinar.

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Download: SCM Webinar End-to-End Transport Management System (TMS) (Supply Chain Media 3 April 2024)