Recording SCM Webinar ‘Supply Chain Resilience: Hype or Lifestyle?’ with Involvation

SCM Webinar 'Supply Chain Resilience: Hype or Lifestyle?' with Involvation

Supply Chain Media and Involvation organized the webinar ‘Supply Chain Resilience: Hype or Lifestyle?’ on Wednesday December 2nd.

The word ”resilience” suddenly seems to be cropping up everywhere – and not only in relation to supply chain. It’s as if resilience is being presented as the key to surviving the current crisis in almost every context. So are we going to argue against resilience in this webinar? No, definitely not.

Supply chain resilience is crucial. It always has been, but it just wasn’t top of mind until now. As Covey says, just like supply chain risk management, it’s a prime example of something that’s important but not urgent – until it suddenly does become urgent (crisis!) and we realize that we’re too late. Supply chain resilience is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Why should it receive continuous attention rather than being a passing hype? All too often, companies ride the waves of a hype, making the wrong decisions. We’ve all seen examples of over-ambitious or failed ERP implementations, overly dogmatic adherence to lean principles, and so on… lots of high expectations, but ultimately disappointing results. So while there’s no doubt that you should be acting to improve your supply chain resilience, the goal of this webinar is to remind you to think before you act!

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for downloading below.

Download: SCM Webinar with Involvation: Supply Chain Resilience, Hype or lifestyle?