Recording webinar ‘Baby gear maker teaches a lesson in how to handle growth amid disruption’


Rapid growth comes naturally to toddlers but can pose a challenge for their favorite equipment maker.

With thousands of SKUs across eighty markets, one vertically integrated global baby gear manufacturer has learned how to manage a growth spurt across its multichannel supply chain. The Wonderland Group’s brands, including household names like Nuna, Joie and Graco, are distributed direct to warehouses, retail stores and consumers. All this, plus a newly expanded direct-to-consumer channel, has driven outstanding growth over the past few years.

Wonderland’s growth in the face of significant supplier and transportation constraints and constant disruptions was made possible by a digital transformation. The company has automated processes, created end-to-end supply chain visibility, harmonized data across subsidiaries and improved service levels in the midst of constant disruptions.

This interactive webinar uncovered the key components of Wonderland Group’s supply chain evolution:
• A digital supply chain model that minimizes risk and maximizes opportunities.
• Establishing end-to-end visibility across suppliers, partners, distribution centers, warehouses and fulfillment channels.
• Using advanced analytics and machine learning to sense and respond faster to events.
• Creating an automated distribution fulfillment model that accounts for supply constraints, channel shifts and more.

Lukas Karnasch, Director Business Analysis & Planning, Wonderland Group
Matt Hoffman, Vice President Customer Success, John Galt Solutions

Missed the webinar about how to handle growth amid disruption?

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Webinar recording Baby Gear Maker Teaches a Lesson in How to Handle Growth Amid Disruption