Recording webinar Painless Planning Software Implementation


In this recording, you will gain some proven insights into why enterprise supply chain planning software implementations (more often than not) end up long, costly and painful – and how you can avoid that.

COVID turmoil hitting your supply has been a rude wake-up call that you must professionalize your inventory planning processes. You know this. But perhaps some bad software experiences from your network, alongside facts about huge, time-consuming projects, have fueled your reluctance to act.

What does it actually take to professionalize your process? Is there an easy path, and what’s required from you to get there? Join Blue Ridge for this insightful webinar outlining how to create a smooth, value-driven transition to highly professionalized planning that can keep up with the volatile needs of modern supply chains.

Fast, frictionless implementations & success for life

This event is illustrated through the lens of special guest Mestergruppen, who went live last month and began realizing immediate value. Their story will inspire strategies you can use for guaranteed long-term success and continuous improvement. Tailored for speed and resiliency, these solutions are low risk by design – with built-in ongoing support services to help you flex with the unique dynamics of today’s modern distribution channel.

Watch this recording and begin your painless path to these solutions, so you can quickly create high-value outcomes for your organization – while your competitors remain stuck on yet another IT project delay.

You will learn:

  • What makes this approach different
  • What to expect from a next-gen vendor: functionality, project methodology, security, support
  • What’s required from you and your IT team (hint: not much!)
  • Results to expect, including agility to supply chain fluctuations, increased service levels and massive inventory cost reduction… right out of the gate
  • Validation of time-to-value in just 3 months


  • Ove Berger, Supply Chain Specialist – Mestergruppen
  • Sverre Rosmo, General Manager Leader – Blue Ridge Nordics

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.