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D-Day: The Longest Delivery

6 June 1944. On that day, the biggest logistics operation of modern times reached its decisive climax: D-Day. Operation Neptune, an amphibious landing of 130,000 soldiers, required 6,900 vessels, 4,100 of which were landing craft. …


Supply Chain Movement 13 – Sales & Operations Planning

Contents Supply Chain Movement 13 – 2014 Q2 7 | News & BackgroundBarry Callebaut integrates S&OP into the daily process Winner of the last quarter: GAP Loser of the last quarter: Aston Martin12 | IT Subway Map Demand for …


‘It’s cool working at ASML if you got supply chain DNA’

[This article is brought to you by ASML]The ASML supply chain seems to be without boundaries. The company, one of the Dutch stars within the field of discrete manufacturing, offers supply chain professionals a chance …


The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Europe’s gas flow

Wood Mackenzie, specialist in commercial intelligence for the energy, metals and mining industries, has leveraged its proprietary Global Gas Model to provide clients with insights into gas market dynamics since 2006. The model, which uses …

Supply Chain Insights survey on green supply chain


Supply Chain Insights survey on green supply chain

What is the scope, nature and performance of your sustainability goals? How aligned are your sustainability and supply chain programs? Supply Chain Insights are conducting a second wave of their Green Supply Chain survey, to …

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