“Generative AI will be a gamechanger in the start-up market”

generative AI

In recent years, there has been a significant decline in the number of supply chain start-ups appearing in Europe. According to Mathias Bosse, compiler of the Supply Chain Tech Report, one of the reasons is that companies are currently less inclined to serve as launching customers. However, he expects the rise of generative AI to lead to a new wave of tech companies. Supply Chain Media’s annual Maturity Matrix contains a number of new start-ups.

The market of tech companies in logistics and supply chain has really taken off over the past decade. “Corporate executives and investment funds started to realize how super-important supply chains actually are for the economy, and also how vulnerable they are to disruptions and other forms of uncertainty,” explains Mathias Bosse, founder of German company Prequel Ventures, which invests in supply chain start-ups.

“At the same time, there are lots of smart people with innovative ideas and technology to meet these pressing needs in the supply chain. Not least because existing supply chain systems at companies are no longer adequate. For supply chain planning and execution, companies still work a lot with Excel and get far too little added value from their large amount of data.”

In its search for interesting supply chain start-ups, Prequel Ventures constantly analyses the European market of new technology companies. It publishes the annual Supply Chain Tech Report containing comprehensive analysis of the European start-up ecosystem. How many new start-ups have appeared? How many have gone under, and how many have successfully gone public or been acquired by a larger company? In which subfield of supply chain management are the most start-ups, and what kind of technology do they use?

“Using the underlying database, interested companies can make selections of start-ups that may be of interest to them, but that is not our main goal,” Bosse says. He is also a judge for the European Supply Chain Start-up Contest, which Supply Chain Media has organized annually since 2018 as part of the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event. … … …

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