Checklist production management

Checklist production management

Checklist production management

Get more out of your production

Effective production management contributes to achieving the company goals. However, manufacturing companies regularly face challenges such as disappointing customer experiences and excessive costs. All too often it becomes apparent that long lead times are still too short, high inventories are still too low and substantial capacities are still insufficient. These are all signs that production management is mismatched with the product, the market and the value proposition.

The reason for production management

The purpose of production management can vary from company to company. For one company the added value will lie in maximising capacity utilisation and in reducing inventory, while for another it will be in reliably shortening delivery times and/or improving agility. Whatever the case, good production management is seamlessly aligned with the product, the market and the value proposition – the foundations of each manufacturing company’s very existence.

The service paradox

It is not unusual for manufacturing companies to be faced with the challenge of improving the customer experience while simultaneously reducing the costs of that improved experience, and becoming better yet also cheaper is no mean feat.

This task, which at first glance appears to be impossible, is also known as the ‘service paradox’. However, companies with effective production management have proved that they can create a better customer experience while reducing costs. Successful product management has enabled them to overcome the service paradox.

Involvation and Supply Chain Media have developed this checklist to provide insight into the added value and the potential of your current production management. Answer the questions below to gain insight into the improvement potential for your production activities.

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