Gender diversity checklist for HR managers

checklist gender diversity for HR managers

It is far from easy for talented female professionals to fulfill their potential at work. Supply Chain Media has previously published a checklist so that female high potentials can assess whether they themselves are doing the right things. However, women cannot influence an organization’s gender diversity on their own. This checklist is intended for HR managers.


Gender diversity must come from within an organization. This calls for a proactive strategy in which the HR department actively searches for female high potentials instead of passively waiting for them. Talented women are sometimes less visible in the organization because of their roles and functions. Targeted sessions and programmes are needed to gain insight into the female talent pool.

Unconscious bias

It is impossible to avoid completely because our brains automatically translate our thoughts – whether they are conscious or unconscious – into actions. One example is when people link good looks to good behaviour. Likewise, women are often subconsciously perceived as being more emotional and impulsive, and are therefore less likely to get promoted. Awareness of our own limitations is essential in order to establish fair job application processes in an organization.


Female employees do not feel that they are given the same growth opportunities as their male counterparts, even in organizations that claim to have fair recruitment processes and criteria. Lack of confidence in themselves and in the organization makes them less likely to apply. In many cases, if they are rejected they will not bother to apply for similar positions again. HR has a responsibility to openly discuss topics such as equal pay and recruitment criteria to encourage women to apply again in the future.

Download and complete this checklist to see whether your organization is doing enough to support female high potentials.

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Download: Gender Diversity Checklist for HR managers