mining and metals supply chain

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Blockchain solution for global mining and metals supply chain

On 16 January, IBM announced it is working on a project in partnership with MineHub Technologies, a Canadian technology company specialized in the mining and metals industry, to build a blockchain-based platform for that sector. …

supply chain capabilities

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Retailers’ digital supply chain capabilities are underprepared for core challenges

Board members (‘C-suite executives’) of retail companies are struggling to tackle core digital transformation challenges due to a lack of supply chain visibility and reliable data, according to a recent report. A survey has revealed …

Global Trade Network

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Transparency in the Global Trade Network

BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) streamlines processes, creates new opportunities and improves the performance of companies, adapted in line with their unique supply chain requirements. Connecting all supply chain partners to the network increases transparency. …

control tower

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Cloud-based control tower

Tesisquare Platform 6.0 has been enriched with a Tesi Control Tower. This cloud-based platform facilitates communication and integration between manufacturers, logistics service providers, carriers and customers, resulting in an online data-sharing community. The software manages …

end-to-end supply chain visibility

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Framework for end-to-end supply chain visibility

Rapid changes in demand and growing suppliers’ risks have made end-to-end supply chain visibility crucial for companies nowadays. To gain a clearer understanding of this concept, it is necessary to distinguish between strategic, tactical and …



Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: MotionMiners

MotionMiners offers companies automated analysis related to the ergonomics and efficiency of their manual industrial processes. The Motion Mining technology uses mobile sensors (wearables) and beacons to anonymously record manual working processes as they are …


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New app boosts Pfizer’s global supply chain visibility

For a biopharmaceutical company as large as Pfizer, achieving truly comprehensive supply chain visibility is a mammoth undertaking. Despite the company’s extremely complex supply chain, the End-to-End In-Transit Visibility (E2E ITV) project now makes it …


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Future blockchain-based trade platform TradeLens looks uncertain

Despite the best intentions of IBM and Maersk with TradeLens, launched at the start of 2018, the future of this blockchain-based trade platform for the real-time monitoring of ocean freight looks increasingly uncertain as it …



Unilever tops ranking of top 15 best-performing supply chain leaders again

Unilever has topped research and advisory firm Gartner’s ranking of the industry’s top 15 best-performing supply chain leaders for the third time. Inditex, Nestlé, H&M and Schneider Electric are ranked in second to fifth place, …

Wim van Aalst


Wim van Aalst, Waitrose: “Brexit overshadows everything; we expect rough times ahead”

Over its 130-year history the John Lewis Partnership has become a well-established 11 billion pound retail and food business in the UK. Much of its continued success is thanks to the revolutionary ideas of John …

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