Lenovo launches complete end-to-end IT security solution to keep companies safer


Against the backdrop of an ever-increasing number of data breaches, with a record-breaking 2.6 billion incidences last year according to the latest research, companies need secure devices that protect sensitive data and guard against online and identity-based threats. To respond to this need, Lenovo – a leader in IT security, smart devices and infrastructure – has launched a new approach to securing devices through their entire lifecycle. Called ThinkShield by Lenovo, the concept is a range of complete end-to-end security solutions that keep consumers and businesses safer.

From secure BIOS and firmware development to features like security screens and the laptop camera shutters, Lenovo builds protection into its products. But Lenovo’s focus on security extends beyond product design to include its global supply chain. For example, Lenovo sets strict security standards and policies for its manufacturing facilities. Thanks to Lenovo’s strategic partnership with Intel, it is able to align with the Intel Transparent Supply Chain, which allows customers to locate the source of each component of their new system. Furthermore, Lenovo oversees – and audits – the security of suppliers who build intelligent components, making sure they conform to rigorous ‘trusted supplier’ guidelines and best practices.

Bufferzone technology

In terms of user protection, ThinkShield by Lenovo protects users’ identities and credentials based on certified authenticators and match-on-chip fingerprint technology, and keeps employees’ PCs safer through smart USB port protection. When users go online, Wi-Fi security detects threats and issues alerts if they are about to connect to unsafe wireless networks, and so-called Bufferzone technology isolates online threats before they infect the whole organization. The solution also includes a simple way to unify cloud and endpoint security across multiple devices.

Another important feature of ThinkShield by Lenovo is data protection. It enables IT administrators to connect to all their devices for enriched asset intelligence, automated endpoint hygiene and continuous compliance. And at the end of the device lifecycle, Lenovo keeps potentially sensitive data secure by wiping the drives and securely recycling the parts. Lenovo manufactures a wide portfolio of connected products, including smartphones (Motorola), tablets, PCs and workstations as well as augemented reality/virtual reality devices and smart home/office solutions.