Benchmark helps Fetim to improve productivity


Fetim Group, a company specialized in home improvement products, is using an Infor benchmark to optimize its processes and workflows. For this benchmark, Infor – a vendor of industry-specific cloud solutions – collected data from 800 global manufacturing and distribution companies on how they operate. Analysing and comparing this data is helping Fetim to improve productivity and workflow efficiency.

Fetim’s IT architecture is built on the best-of-class principle, and the company already uses Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise. It is currently rolling out Infor CRM and Infor Nexus to realize an online real-time collaboration platform, aimed at improving cooperation with suppliers and to maximize the reliability of the supply chain. Integration with other applications, such as a third-party warehouse management system, is handled by Infor OS, a hybrid cloud platform that brings together business processes, integration and artificial intelligence (AI). The next step in Fetim’s digitalization process will be deployment of Infor Coleman to add AI across the platform.

Micro-vertical approach increases efficiency

“We chose Infor very consciously because of their micro-vertical approach that increases efficiency; it comes with in-depth knowledge of our industry,” said Frans Beerkens, IT Director of Fetim Group. “It is an absolutely unique proposition that offers us incredible added value and allows us to meet our type of customers’ needs and wishes. Also, with this benchmark, Infor can show their customer focus, uniqueness and innovation.”

Fetim also plays an active role as the member of an advisory group, helping to further improve the Infor software and better align it with customer needs. That is a smart move on Infor’s part, according to Beerkens: “I can spot trends and bring the challenges I’m struggling with to the Infor table. What makes the micro-vertical counsel meetings so valuable and unique is that the people who are truly responsible for product development actually take part in these meetings. I don’t see that anywhere else. Furthermore, it keeps the continuous feedback on the progress of our input and demands member companies are engaged and active.”

Being able to influence the functionality included in newer versions of Infor’s industry CloudSuites based on Infor M3 helps Fetim make only a minimal number of modifications and quickly achieve standardized processes. Through the counsel meetings, for instance, Fetim found ways to deal with its questions on pricing science and the rise of e-commerce.

Radical changes in the market

The home furnishing and decor market has changed radically over the past ten years. An increase in online shopping, combined with globalization, has dramatically changed the dominant role of retailers that were once Fetim’s core market, whilst opening up substantial opportunities for e-commerce sales. Fetim moved its applications to the cloud to help it respond to these changes with more agility and leave it to focus on its own product innovation and rapidly developing distribution channels. Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise also offers opportunities to improve, accelerate and change Fetim’s way of working by building a best-in-class environment.

“Companies such as Fetim play a valuable role for Infor in making world-leading, industry-specific software solutions that address the requirements and needs of customers,” said Cormac Watters, General Manager International at Infor. “Their input, feedback and questions help to make new software releases and our cloud service better. As an innovation leader, we know the importance of being able to operate smartly and efficiently based on data science. That’s why we help companies leverage data to improve their performances.”