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Checklist, Trends

Checklist for network design tooling

Companies want to maximize their service levels while cutting costs at the same time, but these goals often contradict each other. How can you find the optimum balance when determining where to place facilities, their …

Supply Chain Superwomen


Supply Chain Superwomen boldly draw the future

“Companies need to figure out now how to survive in the future by selling less.” That was the message Professor Janet Godsell conveyed to female supply chain executives at Supply Chain Superwomen. The event, organised …


Software, Trends

‘Management is lagging in optimizing the use of data’

Companies are missing out on transformation opportunities due to a combination of outdated technology platforms and a lack of understanding of the essential role of the composability of software applications in unlocking business data at …

labour shortage


Three quarters of companies in supply chain and logistics affected by labour shortage

As many as 76% of supply chain and logistics companies are affected by the labour shortage. In fact, 37% of them indicate that the impact is high to extremely high. This is according to research …

job advertisements


Supply chain and logistics job advertisements leave a lot to be desired

Research shows that job advertisements for Dutch supply chain and logistics positions score inadequately. The ads receive a rating of 4.1 on a scale from 1 to 10. This is just slightly lower than the …



Gartner: top companies use AI to rapidly optimize processes

The best-performing supply chain organizations are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimize their processes at a rapid pace. The pace is even more than double that of low-performing peers, according …


Sustainability, Trends

Start-up Pelt8 helps gather sustainability data from supply chain partners

Swiss-based Pelt8, founded three years ago, offers companies a SaaS tool to easily collect sustainability data from supply chain partners. From the tool, reports can automatically be created that comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting …

due diligence directive

Sustainability, Trends

EU countries vote against corporate due diligence directive

European Member States unexpectedly voted against the corporate sustainability due diligence directive. This EU directive would require businesses to vet their supply chains for abuses such as child labour or environmental pollution. Back in December, negotiators …


Webinar Recording, Trends

Recording webinar ‘How S&OP can boost your resilience’

S&OP has a proven track record of balancing demand and supply, increasing supply chain efficiencies and reducing costs. But today’s supply chains must be more resilient to cope with numerous disruptions and increasing uncertainty and …

women in supply chain


Companies looking to grow need more women in supply chain

Around International Women’s Day, Supply Chain Media draws attention to the position of women in supply chain. This is badly needed, figures show. The proportion of women is growing only slowly. Especially high up in …

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