S&OP software

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From outliers to promotions: S&OP software demos raise questions

Where do you start when looking for software support for Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)? What capabilities do modern systems offer? And how do you select a system that fits the maturity level of your …

Supply chain network design: from globalization to regionalization

Whitepaper, Trends

Supply chain network design: from globalization to regionalization

The article delves into the trend of reshoring, where companies are moving their production capacities closer to their primary markets to improve supply chain resilience, reduce lead times, and enhance sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted …

supply chain innovations

inNOWvate, Trends

The differing approaches to supply chain innovation

Leading companies recognize the absolute necessity of supply chain innovations because of the current turbulent times. However, approaches do vary considerably, as keynote presentations from companies including Lego, PepsiCo, Metro, Versuni and Heineken at the …

emission reporting

inNOWvate, Software, Sustainability, Trends

Emission reporting: how to map Scope 3

Sustainability was hot during inNOWvate. Which is not surprising now that the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is entering into force and companies are getting nervous about the reporting obligations it entails. Fortunately, software vendors …

Roadmap for a Supply Chain Resilience Cockpit

Road Map, Trends

Roadmap for a Supply Chain Resilience Cockpit

With ongoing disruptions all around the world, companies are in need for more resilience. Most control towers are domain-specific for procurement, manufacturing or logistics and inadequate for timely response to disruptions. A cross-functional resilience cockpit …


inNOWvate, Trends

Diversity as a driver of innovation

Melanie Salter, Director of Supply Chain Research at Boom!, mapped the benefits of diversity in teams for this global community of women in supply chain. What emerged? Especially when it comes to innovation, companies that …

supply chain planning

inNOWvate, Planning, Trends

Supply chain planning is about more than the necessary processes and systems

Leading software vendors showed their views on supply chain planning at the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event in Amsterdam. A pressing question that recurred in every presentation was: how do you deal with chain disruptions and …

data transfer between contact points

inNOWvate, Trends, Visibility

Better decisions thanks to better data transfer between contact points

If transparency in the supply chain leaves anything to be desired, it’s usually because of the supply chain contact points. These are the points where data transfer often falters, making cooperation with supply chain partners …

supply chain talent

Exclusively in magazine, Trends

Bottlenecks and leaks in the talent pipeline

The shortage of supply chain talent continues to hamper business. Therefore, much attention is focused on increasing the inflow. However, it is equally important to consider the entire talent pipeline. If companies want to ensure …


Exclusively in magazine, Trends

Sika chooses Lagrange.ai for supply chain network design

Chemical company Sika has 400 plants worldwide, achieves solid sales growth and is constantly acquiring companies. Supply chain footprint decisions are the order of the day, but the company recently realized it lacked an effective …

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