Uber Freight and BluJay join forces to optimize transport activities

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is partnering up with BluJay Solutions, a supplier of supply chain software and services, to help businesses to build a resilient, global supply chain using advanced freight technology.

Due to global changes and the volatility of market demand, real-time insight into market prices has become essential. All parties involved in the supply chain need to be aware of current market conditions in order to make quick decisions and adapt to both supply and demand. Through the direct integration of BluJay’s Transportation Management via API, carriers now have direct access to Uber Freight’s real-time pricing and tendering capabilities.

Uber Freight integration with BluJay platform

Uber Freight integrates directly with the BluJay platform to manage quotations, bookings and the match between carriers. The integration enables companies using BluJay’s Transportation Management application to leverage the price insights of Uber Freight and its extensive network of over 50,000 carriers. The API-based integration provides fast access to end-to-end supply chain visibility. The application is already in use in North America and is expected to be rolled out in Europe soon.

The first customers to benefit from the partnership are food manufacturers and packaging companies: organizations that are experiencing strong growth in production and volume during the current pandemic as they supply essential products. Especially now, it is particularly important for such organizations that their products reach stores on time. Insight into Uber Freight’s marketplace can help.

Setting up a flexible and dynamic supply chain

“It is more important than ever to ensure a flexible and dynamic supply chain set-up. If you don’t, you can’t keep up with an ever-changing market,” says Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Business Development at Uber Freight. “That’s why we’re working together with BluJay to make our tech-forward approach to freight available to companies looking for more insight and control over their operations.”

According to Bryant Smith, Global Product Manager at BluJay Solutions, Uber Freight’s transparent marketplace gives TMS customers easy access to a new level of capacity with real-time visibility. This should help them better plan for the coming weeks and actually take last-minute market shifts into account. “The solution we are offering together is a solution for customers facing today’s supply chain challenges, but also in the long term during more traditional market fluctuations,” Smith said.