Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Shiptify


Shiptify was ‘born in the warehouse’ in 2016, founded by professionals with years of operational experience at freight forwarders, transport suppliers and European logistics headquarters. The company aims to bring transport management into the digital age with its pragmatic solution to replace outdated data exchange tools such as email, phone calls and Excel files.

Shiptify is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that connects people and data easily and affordably, facilitating tomorrow’s sustainable supply chains. It enables users to collect, shape and share information (e.g. shipping data, communication, documentation and tracking) where and when it matters most, providing visibility, efficiency and control across the entire supply chain using the latest digital technologies.

Pooling-based economic model

Although offering similar functionality as a TMS, Shiptify differs in terms of its pooling-based rather than proprietary-based economic model, its fully web-based, real-time and open technology (API vs EDI) and its ease of implementation thanks to its plug-and-play design. Shiptify’s transport management platform (TMP) can handle multiple carriers and multiple transport modes, giving shippers a single point of access to their complete data. The multimodal TMP continues to evolve, with functionality and front-office updates released every couple of weeks to take account of user feedback.

Shiptify is aimed at companies in any industry that are using services from more than one carrier and lack their own transport management system (TMS). The company currently employs 12 people at its headquarters in Nantes, France, and is already working with the likes of Somfy, Pilot, Eram, STACI, Soflog, Altifort and more.

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