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change management


Change management fails to prioritize employees

Traditional change management practices are no longer suited to today’s changing work environments. They fail to engage employees in planning, underestimating them and not giving them the priority they deserve. So says O.C. Tanner, an …

real-time transport visibility

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Entire supply chain benefits from real-time transport visibility

Real-time transport visibility is about much more than just providing insight into the current positions of trucks and container ships. This was demonstrated during Supply Chain Media’s Webinar Wednesday, where six real-time transport visibility software …


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Heineken explores electric transport for cross-border freight

Heineken is exploring electric freight transport on the route between the brewery in the Dutch city of Den Bosch and the distribution centre in Duisburg, Germany. This is expected to help the brewery reduce carbon …


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Start-up Byways: no more waiting at loading docks

Founded in 2020, Byways has developed a pragmatic tool that allows trucks and warehouses to better align their logistics operations. This has already led to a reduction in waiting time of more than 45% for …

Secure Chain


Secure Chain improves security when releasing containers imported from Latin America

All containers entering the port of Rotterdam from Latin America will soon be released only through the so-called Secure Chain. This solution puts an end to containers being collected with fraud-sensitive PIN codes. The new …


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Level five in S&OP is few and far between

Most companies starting with sales & operations planning (S&OP) get stuck at the third level out of a total of five. That is not a bad thing at all, said Sandeep Walia and Mike Donnely …

SCM Consulting Subway Map

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SCM Consulting Subway Map 2024

Due to the numerous extreme economic and geopolitical challenges in the world, there remains a strong need for supply chain consultancy, especially in the areas of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), strategy and network design. …

SCM Q1 Cover_Bonduelle_2024

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Supply Chain Movement 52 | Start-Ups & Talents

The main theme of the 52nd issue (Q1, 2024) of the quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement is Start-Ups & Talents.  Publication Date: March 8, 2024 12 | Profile Anne van de Poel, Supply Chain Director Northern Europe, …

Pierre Mille, Versuni

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Pierre Mille, Versuni: “All our supply chain strategies are built on product circularity”

As Supply Chain Lead at fast-growing business Versuni, Pierre Mille has a huge amount on his agenda. Previously known as Philips Domestic Appliances, Versuni is one of the last spin-offs from Royal Philips. The product …

end-to-end supply chain control tower

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The desire for an end-to-end supply chain control tower

The scope of most control towers is limited to the part of the supply chain where the most benefits can be gained. For ASML that is the warehouse in Veldhoven, whereas for Hilti it is …

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