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Lessons from korfball

My academic life is intertwined with the supply chain profession. I have done research covering the entire field, from strategic supply chain choices to detailed production planning. The world of korfball has largely dominated my …

Checklist for WMS software

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Checklist for WMS software

In today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape, efficient warehouse management is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Cloudbased Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have emerged as a critical solution, providing enhanced flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency. Given the …

no-touch supply chain

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No-touch supply chain is still a long way off

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers limitless possibilities, it seems. Not so long ago, we appeared to be moving rapidly towards a supply chain where smart machines would completely take care of planning. In practice, it seems …



Lego opens new European DC in Belgium

The Lego Group has added a new regional distribution centre (DC) in Tessenderlo, Belgium. According to the Danish toy manufacturer, the new DC provides more flexibility and resilience in the supply chain. As a result, …

digital climb

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Digital climb

Supply chain directors seem to be struggling to claim their share of available artificial intelligence (AI) budgets. Despite – or perhaps because of – the current struggling economy, executives have freed up budgets for AI, …



Automation is aimed at reducing the impact of staff shortages

More than half of supply chain and logistics leaders (54%) are focusing on automating repetitive tasks to improve their employees’ productivity. At the same time, this also addresses the impact of staff shortages. This is …



African savannah shows what supply chain needs

The supply chain can still learn a lot from the savannah, it emerged during the SCM Directors Event. Just before Eline Oudenbroek was presented as list leader of the Top 26 Supply Chain Directors in …

warehouse operations


Call for modernization of IT infrastructure in warehouse operations

A whopping 97% of supply chain professionals believe that the IT infrastructure of their warehouse operations is in need of modernization. This is according to the Manhattan Associates ‘2024 State of Warehouse Operations’ report. The …

Bram Desmet

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Bram Desmet enriches supply chain model with sustainability and resilience

Supply chain guru Bram Desmet recently presented his new book ‘Rethinking Supply Chain’, in which he introduces models for a five-dimensional supply chain with which companies can make the ‘classic’ trade-off between service, cost and …


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Winning start-up Gryn deploys AI for sustainability policy

Many companies are busy calculating or gathering carbon emissions. The next steps are processing all that data into a CSRD-compliant sustainability report and formulating a strategy to reduce emissions. Gryn’s AI platform provides the necessary …

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