Transparency in the Global Trade Network

Global Trade Network

BluJay’s Global Trade Network (GTN) streamlines processes, creates new opportunities and improves the performance of companies, adapted in line with their unique supply chain requirements. Connecting all supply chain partners to the network increases transparency.

The Global Trade Network is a collective name for integrated software solutions that improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain process. The GTN provides visibility – aided by a control tower, for example – into where customers’ parcels are in the process. “Customers can log in to this portal and see what is going on with their goods. They can then inform their own customers and provide a precise delivery time, for instance”, says Roel Assies, Vice President Sales at BluJay Solutions.

It has not escaped BluJay’s notice that more and more goods are being shipped around the world in the global freight transport economy. “This entails different types of logistics software, time schedules and also warehouse management – plus carriers, customs authorities and everything else involved in logistics and distribution.”

To keep the flow of processes running smoothly, the company has brought together various applications – ranging from transport management systems to compliance applications and mobile solutions – in the GTN. “One thing we have done, for example, is create a single software environment (customs management) which provides access to the various procedures that occur in the customs world. This means that you can complete customs formalities for export to multiple countries in the same software environment.”