Total solution for transport management

transport management

Alpega, a logistics software supplier and the owner of companies including Teleroute, recently acquired the Swedish firm TenderEasy to further improve its ability to meet the transport management needs of carriers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and shippers. TenderEasy is specialized in tendering software.

Selecting the most suitable service providers for logistics transport is usually a long, drawn-out process. The wide choice of carriers combined with tighter legislation is making the procurement of goods transport increasingly complex. Furthermore, promotional activities and faster delivery services are generating more shipments and bigger transport volumes.

Alpega claims that its modular solutions cover all transport needs: not only freight exchange, carrier allocation and transport planning, optimization and execution, but soon also cost optimization and supplier relationship management (SRM). Its product portfolio includes the Transwide, Inet and TAS-tms transport management systems as well as the Teleroute, BursaTransport and 123Cargo freight exchanges.

Whole cycle on the same platform

By acquiring TenderEasy, the software supplier is now further expanding its product portfolio and geographical reach, which will enable users to optimize their freight tendering experience for various types of cargo. The integration with Transwide TMS creates a software suite that brings together the whole cycle from tender to payment on the same platform.

Customers can search and consult Alpega’s European database, which includes over 50,000 carriers, to issue requests for proposals and can use complex algorithms to analyse the results.