Supply chain scale-up in the spotlight: Moos


The founders of the Dutch company called Moos Solutions set out to improve logistics and inventory management by filling the digital information gap in the place where the products are actually located: on the shelves. They believe that considerable operational advantages can be achieved by automatically monitoring stock movements to maintain the required on-shelf availability rather than relying on manual stock counting, frequent deliveries or high stock levels.

The resulting solution from Moos both measures and predicts inventory, enabling retailers to achieve 100% on-shelf availability in a cost-efficient way based on AI-powered automated replenishment triggers. Its sensor solutions also offer distributors guaranteed stock availability at distributed points of use.

Operational requirements

The Moos paper-based sensors meet all operational requirements; they are easy to (self)install, configure and integrate into existing workflows, they monitor any products in any place, and they offer a rapid ROI on a pay-as-you-go basis. The unique software layer enables different modules, such as a low stock module that identifies when inventory has reached a critical level and issues real-time alerts so that customers can optimally plan replenishment deliveries. This improves operations, reduces carbon footprints and enables new business models.

The impact of the solution has been proven across multiple industries, including hospitality (enabling micro-stores) and healthcare (managing decentral storage) in addition to retail and consumer packaged goods (for proactive distribution/vendor-managed inventory). Besides the Moos Venture Hub at the headquarters in Amsterdam, the global team comprises a Tech Hub in Portugal for hardware/sensor development and production expertise, and a Research Lab in Canada where its proprietary technical paper is developed.

A scale-up already

Despite having been founded just a couple of years ago, in 2021, Moos is strictly speaking already a scale-up, thanks to the amount of capital it has secured. The company has been awarded several innovation grants including MIT AI and MIT R&D.