Supply Chain Movement issue 33 – From S&OP to IBP

Contents Supply Chain Movement 33 – 2019 Q2

Date of appearance: May 10th, 2019

6 | News & background

The majority of European manufacturers are still only at the early stages of their digital supply chain journey, according to findings from a recent study commissioned by software vendor JDA and conducted by the University of Warwick. “Most companies still have a functional organizational structure,” states researcher Professor Janet Godsell from the University of Warwick’s research and education group, WMG.

16 | IT Subway Map Europe 2019

18 | Profile Jean Marc Lechêne, Executive VP & COO, Vestas

Love them or hate them, wind turbines have become part of the modern landscape. As global demand for renewable energy increases as it becomes cheaper and more efficient, wind systems providers such as Vestas are striving to keep up with the relentless growth and fast pace of new product introduction. “It’s an industry that naturally and constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone,” says Jean Marc Lechêne, Chief Operating Officer, for the world’s largest supplier of wind energy systems.

24 | IBP: Better decision-making to close the financial gap

Numerous companies are ready for the next phase of their S&OP journey: Integrated Business Planning (IBP). But how can they actually make that transition? And which pitfalls lie ahead? This article discusses short-term versus medium-term planning, the problem of having information that is too detailed and unstructured, and the annual budget rounds. “Directors are used to talking about money rather than volumes.”

31 | Facts & Figures

33 | Interview Bram Desmet

How can supply chain professionals cast off their inferiority complex? By gaining a precise understanding of how supply chain contributes to the profit and not just the costs, according to the recent book by Bram Desmet. In it, he links the corporate strategy to the supply chain and financial performance indicators.

36 | The sermon: Planning in the twilight

39 | Checklist: Gender diversity

One aspect of improving gender diversity within companies – and hence achieving better and more balanced decision-making – entails tapping into the existing pool of underutilized female talent. The responsibility for maximizing the potential of highly talented female professionals is actually shared between the woman herself, her direct manager and the company’s HR manager. Aided by valuable input from a mix of established executives and the female supply chain talent Ramona Held, Supply Chain Media has put together a triptych of checklists for these three groups of people to help companies assess their gender diversity gap. This checklist is intended for the talented female professionals themselves.

40 | Scandals force changes in food sector

Scandals such as melamine in Chinese baby milk and horse meat labeled as beef have intensified the trend towards transparency and sustainability in the food sector. Consumers are demanding insight into the supply chain, which is forcing companies to provide transparency about the origin of goods and how products have reached retail shelves. Visibility is key in regaining consumer trust.

45 | Checklist: B2B Parcel Shipping

Managing transport for worldwide parcel shipping is a complex matter. Transport departments face unique challenges every day due to new products, new markets, new distribution channels and peak periods. Managing multi-carrier parcel shipping typically includes a wide range of departments inside the organization, e.g. procurement, fulfillment operations, customer service and finance.

47 | Tools & Technology

49 | Interview Sean Culey, author Transition Point

According to author Sean Culey, the world is in transition as we move from one wave of long-term economic progress into the next. Companies with a clear vision and sufficient employee autonomy, such as Amazon, will survive the current transition. Supply Chain Media spoke to Culey about his well-documented book.

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