Recording webinar with Heidi Rosendal Larsen


Supply Chain Media and Heidi Rosendal Larsen organized the webinar ‘How to fit your supply chain to growth – in an ever changing world’. 

Never before has risk mapping, equity and supplier relationship management meant so much and changed so rapidly. The world today calls for a new and broader skillset when working strategically with your supply chain, striving to find the perfect balance between ownership and strategic partnerships. Supply chains all over the world are now struggling with the same challenges: what seems like ever increasing material prices, lack of capacity at the factories and sky rocketing fright charges, which not only disrupts but truly challenge the life of supply chains as we know them.

Creative mindset and highly adapting and scalable productions is what seems like the immediate road ahead. But how to work strategically with this if the world is changing so fast that we do not dare to predict further than 3-5 years ahead? The discipline of building a strong relationship to a supplier without being able to back your intentions with actual orders is now not only key, but a game changer in the future. This recording spotlights the challenges of today and needs of tomorrow when ensuring sustainable and profitable supply chains.

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Slides Webinar Wednesday | Heidi Rosendal Larsen