Recording webinar ‘How to use scenario modelling to withstand the next supply chain crisis’


Continuous network analysis allows for timely adjustments of your supply chain, saving you big money.

Constant disruptions, lack of skilled people, limited transportation options, shortage of materials – these are only a few of the supply chain issues that probably keep you awake at night. According to Gartner, reviewing your supply chain design on a regular basis has become critical.

Scenario modelling tools help you adapt to constant change quickly, while also ensuring you optimize the trade-off between service levels and costs. Supply chain leaders are often in the dark on the technology that exists for supply chain optimization, what it brings them and what the level of effort is to implement advanced technology.

In this webinar the speakers spoke about:
• How to outsmart constant supply chain disruptions
• Your options for modelling scenarios
• Impactful use cases from large customers
• Why implementing advanced technology doesn’t have to be hard
• The first steps you can take towards a supply chain digital twin
• The power of prescriptive analytics to compare scenarios

AIMMS helps organizations make confident decisions, powered by mathematical optimization. Our Supply Chain Network Design solution stands out by its powerful scenario modelling, ease of use and personal high care implementation support and onboarding.

Missed the webinar scenario modelling?

The recorded session is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Slides How to use scenario modelling to withstand the next supply chain crisis