Recording webinar The Future of Work in Supply Chain 2030


Supply Chain Media organized a webinar about The Future of Work in Supply Chain.

The world is changing rapidly, accelerated by the corona pandemic. Companies, businesses and supply chains are also forced to change and to innovate. How should the curriculum for future supply chain directors and executives look like?

According to Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights, the quality of European universities is superior to US ones. She says that universities in Europe are putting a larger emphasis on problem-solving skills, plus there is a greater focus on on-the-job training in Europe.

But what skills should supply chain professionals develop in this rapidly changing world? Supply chain executives of the future should embrace customer-centricity, see their role as helping to enable the delivery of value propositions and creation of business models, not just the cheapest possible supply of product. They should improve their strategy thinking with scenario planning and be able to communicate about it by storytelling and visualization. And they should be comfortable with being uncomfortable, balancing the fine line of embracing uncertainty while also moving forward with clarity.

These new leaders need to move from analog to digital thinking, embracing digitalization and innovation through developing the mindset of a start-up. But they also need to tread carefully, ensuring that their digital experiments deliver insights not just data, and add value not just complexity.


  • Martijn Lofvers, Founder & Chief Trendwatcher at Supply Chain Media
  • Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights
  • Sean Culey, Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University and author of the book ‘Transition Point’

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: The Future of work in Supply Chain in 2030