Recording webinar ‘Real-Time Transport Visibility’


Since Covid and the Suez Canal blockade, the need for real-time transport visibility among manufacturing and trading companies worldwide has grown exponentially. Where are our goods and what is the expected time of arrival? With the rapid developments in digitalization, several vendors are busy improving, expanding and linking their solutions to other systems.

Martijn Lofvers talked with 6 software vendors of real-time transport visibility about the main needs they see among their diverse customers, the owners of the goods and the various logistics service providers. Choosing between different modes of transport plays an increasingly important role out of sustainability concerns. But also because of avoiding the Red Sea and the limited usability of the Panama Canal, for example. And linking the various in-house and third-party systems also creates challenges; but it also offers new opportunities once in place.

Watch Martijn Lofvers talking about these topics with Marc Boileau (FourKites), Alexis McCubbin (Transporeon), Roland Slegers (DeliveryMatch), David Watson, (Wakeo), Thomas Spieker (Shippeo) and Nuno Bento (Mixmove) during this recorded live webinar.

Missed the webinar ‘Real-Time Transport Visibility’?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.

Download: SCM Webinar Real-Time Transport Visibility (Feb 14, 2024)