Recording webinar ‘Decentralization & Decarbonization Survey Results’


Is the era of long global supply chains really over in light of sustainability? Supply Chain Media and supply chain consultancy BCI Global have asked 143 supply chain executives from manufacturing companies in Europe and North America for their insights on the topics of decentralization and decarbonization of supply chains.


48% of the participating companies already decentralized production in the last 3 years. And another 31% will do so in the next 3 years. Centralized distribution networks in Europe and the US are becoming less in favor according to the participating leaders.

• What are their drivers for decentralization and reshoring?
• How successful is this footprint redesign and what are the barriers?
• Which countries are favored for onshoring and nearshoring in EMEA and the America’s?
• Why is centralized distribution not the most favorable set-up anymore?


88% of the responding companies are decarbonizing their supply chains because of their own strategic objectives, and 46% is driven by compliance with regulations and customer requirements.

• How important is CO2 reduction compared to landed cost, service or risk?
• Do manufacturing companies have carbon accounting (scope 1, 2, and 3) in place?
• How frequent do they analyze their carbon footprint?
• Which areas in the supply chains have the highest impact on emissions?

Moderator and speakers:

Martijn Lofvers, Founder & Chief Trendwatcher at Supply Chain Media
Patrick Haex, Managing Partner at BCI Global
René Buck, CEO at BCI Global

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Download: SCM Webinar ‘Decentralization & Decarbonization Survey Results’ (2023)