Recording webinar ‘Outsmart disruption’


Supply Chain Media and Coupa organized the webinar ‘Outsmart disruption: Protecting and future-proofing your supply chain’.

Supply chains have been hit hard with multiple crises and disasters in recent years. Protecting and future-proofing your supply chain from disruptions requires rethinking the least-cost and overly lean strategies that have dominated global supply chains for decades. Increasingly, organizations are evaluating their supply chains to remain relevant during an era of ever-changing conditions across the supply chain.

In this recording, we cover new ways to build resilience in your supply chain via intelligent decision-making and a continuous design process. You will also see examples from companies that have adopted the digital supply chain twin and the value it has delivered, along with a maturity model that guides your respective company’s continuous design process.

Missed this webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The e-book is available for download below.