Recording webinar ‘Inventory management across remote and dispersed locations’


A compelling webinar with Josh Fraughton, Vice President at R7 Supply, as he discusses his ground-breaking spare parts management strategy and approach to digitizing assets in a difficult context with wide-spread, fragmented renewable energy asset locations across the United States.

Josh Fraughton wil discuss his experience with optimizing spare parts inventories while scaling a distribution business, as well as the game-changing solution offered by Ventory, this year’s winner of the prized European Supply Chain Start-up Award. Fraughton’s views will be an invaluable resource for manufacturers, distributors, and maintenance teams alike as the need for effective supply chain management grows.

Discover strategies for navigating the challenges of spare parts control and planning, assuring organized inventory storage and avoiding unanticipated expenses and downtime. Ventory’s solution for inventory control empowers businesses to unlock their inventory potential by combining visibility, control and innovation. Find how Ventory’s cutting-edge features, including cycle counting on any mobile device, ability to work offline, seamless integration with ERP/WMS systems, and adaptability to your operational reality, revolutionize inventory management and yield extraordinary results.

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.