Recording webinar ‘How S&OP can boost your resilience’


S&OP has a proven track record of balancing demand and supply, increasing supply chain efficiencies and reducing costs. But today’s supply chains must be more resilient to cope with numerous disruptions and increasing uncertainty and complexity in demand and supply. In this webinar we explain how S&OP is one of the key capabilities to build a resilient supply chain.

Watch this interactive webinar moderated by Martijn Lofvers, CEO and Chief Trendwatcher of Supply Chain Media, and guest speakers Jeroen Scheepers and Alfons Willemsen, Partners at Involvation, to understand how S&OP can boost your resilience.

Missed the webinar ‘How S&OP can boost your resilience’?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement.

Download: SCM Webinar S&OP for Resilience – Involvation (Supply Chain Media 13 March 2024)