Checklist for supply chain accuracy

Visual checklist for retail and wholesale stocktaking

When you are looking at a complete supply chain that includes product suppliers, third-party carriers, distribution centres, consolidation centres and picking and packing, there is an endless range of challenges to ensuring stock file accuracy.

Supply chains are like a long water pipe with lots of bends. At each bend, there is the potential for leakage. However, you cannot simply place your thumb over one hole to fix all of the problems. In order to ensure stock file accuracy and keep the supply chain agile, it is crucial to identify and understand every weakness and to take early intervention to ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Identify discrepancies

It’s crucial to identify discrepancies at all touch points of the supply chain and to start a dialogue through a formal process at the soonest opportunity so that stakeholders can work toward a mutually agreed outcome. It’s about working together so that all parties are satisfied with the results and that no one is out of pocket.

Whether it’s a leaky water pipe or an ineffective platform or communication system, supply chains are only as strong as their weakest links. Creating an ecosystem, where weaknesses can be identified at every stage of the value chain and where data is measured and analysed through a transparent process and available to all stakeholders to allow early intervention, is the key to ensuring everyone in the supply chain prospers.

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Supply chain software vendor Retail & Asset Solutions and Supply Chain Movement have created a checklist for supply chain agility and stock file accuracy. Answer these 10 questions and find out how developed your auditing and stock file accuracy process is across the supply chain.

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