Checklist for Ecosystem Visibility

Checklist for ecosystem visibility

Gartner considers multi-enterprise supply chain business networks to be foundational technology for higher-maturity companies. They should implement an end-to-end visibility platform to coordinate, orchestrate, automate and transform the company’s extended supply chain within the overall business ecosystem they operate in for driving collaboration and enhancing competitiveness. 

When people, data, technologies, and processes collaborate together without boundaries, enterprises can get out the most information to effectively run their network and enhance competitiveness. This is critical, especially in market scenarios exacerbated by turbulence, including geopolitical volatility and operational changes. As companies today are operating in increasingly complex business environments, they are called to adopt new models to ensure business continuity and achieve end-to-end visibility from upstream to downstream, in realtime. In other words: companies that want to survive in a fast-changing world need to broaden horizons and build an extended enterprise framework by connecting and integrating any business partner involved in their supply chain.

Integrating supply chain partners

Managing supply chain complexity and unpredictability is more than a journey. As supply chains are ever-more complex and interconnected on a global level, companies need to leverage solutions and services to ensure end-to-end visibility in the execution of all supply chain processes. This means enriching data with external information related to any specific company or country risks, collecting data from the field in realtime, integrating supply chain partners in a multichannel and flexible way through a single connection, and combining execution information with tactical planning data to extend visibility to short-medium term.

Download the checklist for ecosystem visibility

Supply chain software vendor Tesisquare and Supply Chain Movement have created a checklist about data sharing across the end-to-end supply chain. Answer the 10 questions and find out how mature your ecosystem visibility is.