AI helps Amazon in battle against counterfeit products


Amazon detected and seized more than 7 million counterfeit products in 2023. It also foiled more than 700,000 attempts to create fake sales accounts. The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) helped, the e-commerce giant’s annual Brand Protection Report shows.

The new Brand Protection Report provides an overview of Amazon’s progress in 2023 on reducing counterfeit products and stopping criminal activity, among other things. The report’s findings came about through the use of advanced technology such as AI plus the efforts of human experts.

More than 7 million counterfeit products were identified, seized and properly disposed of globally last year, according to the report. This was done in collaboration with The Prada Group, Cisco and Canon. This prevented damage to customers and sales activities elsewhere in the global supply chain.

AI prevents fake sales accounts

Amazon also prevented more than 700,000 attempts to create fake sales accounts in 2023. This was done with the help of AI, which performs automated evaluations on tens of millions of product images per week. In this way, the fraudsters were stopped before they could even offer a single product for sale through the web giant’s platform.

Incidentally, there has been a steep drop in the number of attempts to create fake sales accounts. Back in 2020, there were a total of 6 million attempts to create such new accounts.

In addition, Amazon reports that since 2020, there has been a decline of over 30% in the total number of valid trademark infringement notices filed by its various brands. This is despite the fact that the number of products offered for sale in the online store has continued to grow substantially.

Launch of Unreal Campaign Challenge

In collaboration with the International Trademark Association, Amazon also launched the Unreal Campaign Challenge in 2023. Worldwide, 177,000 marketing students were invited to produce a 60-second public video message highlighting the dangers of buying counterfeit products. The winners were announced at the annual International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Anaheim, California.