Supply Chain Resilience 2010

Business Continuity Management is proving to be an effective technique to better understand supply chain dependencies and develop a robust strategy to deal with disruption. BCM provides a practical and proven methodology to ensure an organization’s own business continuity programme accounts for supply chain disruption as well as enable close and transparent work with supply chain partners to develop their resilience in turn.

BCM’s “all risks” approach saves time in guessing which threat will realise itself and cause the actual disruption, thereby allowing time to focus on indentifying vulnerabilities and developing preparedness to deal with what ever threat may eventually affect the organization’s supply chain. The survey provides invaluable evidence to support the business case for investment in effective BCM programmes by identifying the level of disruption being experienced and measurable consequential impacts.

This survey builds on the 2009 survey, subsequent joint work with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, and a BCI report entitled The Business Case for BCM, which identified that supply chain was the area of their BCM programme that most respondents were unhappy with.